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    BrockStar Pest Services was founded on two simple ideas - Austin rocks and people hate bugs.

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Expert Knowledge

We are experts in the pests native to our region. Founder Brock Anderson is certified by the Structural Pest Control Board of Texas and has over 20 years of experience as a Texas pest control specialist for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential clients. Our on-staff consultant is a Ph.D. Entomologist with 30 years of experience solving the toughest infestations.

Great Execution (no pun intended)

The large pest service chains often give their residential customers a “one-size-fits-all” national treatment plan. It’s no wonder they have to make so many return trips. BrockStar Pest Services will apply our scientific expertise to your pest issue and only recommend the treatments you truly need. Then we will treat it right the first time so you can get back to enjoying life.

Friendly Service

We are a proud Texas family owned and operated company with an emphasis on personalized service with a smile! As a local company, we know that we can handle all of your troubles in a caring and professional manner. We respect your home and your time. We get the job done right the first time. We look forward to doing business with you.

  • I was introduced to Brock through a friend and decided to give his team a shot. The price was right inline with the company I had been using for nine years (they were shutting it down in a couple months). Typically we have a few bad times of years with tree roaches, and once I see one, I know there are way too many more lurking. Those brown flying bastards make me squirm, and we had just seen the first scout of the season. BrockStar treated my home and answered my questions about chemicals and safety with my kids, animals and around my pool. They were very cordial and easy to get on with. I'd recommend BrockStar to anyone looking for solid, friendly service.

    Joey D., Yelp

  • Brock and his team were a pleasure to work with. His experience was evident in our first conversation. His service was flawless and we feel like we received a great deal. We're very happy that we chose to work with BrockStar Pest Control! Brock on!

    Marlena S., Yelp

  • I'm glad I called these guys. They're informative, professional and responsive. Answered all my questions and took care of business. Up front about costs so I knew what to expect. We had two critters living under our house, but not anymore :) I'd highly recommend them!

    Mark W., Yelp

Keep it Local, Austin.

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BrockStar Pest Services helps their customers live a lifestyle that’s in as much harmony with their natural environment as possible while still providing comfort that is environmentally aware and conscious. They don’t just kill everything in sight. Their aim is to provide the most effective and efficient long-term solutions to pest concerns with the highest standards of customer care. They listen to and work with their customers.


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