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Common DIY Austin Pest Control Pitfalls to Avoid

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home-pest-control-2When it comes to Austin pest control, many people think they can do it themselves. However, the reality is that effective pest control is much more complex than just spraying an insecticide. If you are going to go it alone, be sure to avoid these common pitfalls.

You put mousetraps in the middle of the room. Many people erroneously assume that putting mousetraps in the dead center of their kitchen is a great idea. However, mice are timid creatures and have pretty poor eyesight; therefore, they aren’t too likely to be hanging out in the middle of your kitchen. So, if that is where you’ve set up the mousetraps, well, you’re unlikely to catch any. Your best bet is to put the trap closest to where the mouse was spotted, somewhere near the wall or even tucked under the stove or refrigerator a bit.

You use DIY sprays to address a bee problem. For Austin pest control, including controlling bee problems, many assume that a spray is the best bet. But for bees especially, this isn’t a good idea. Bees are always part of a larger colony, and spraying a few bees here and there does nothing to get rid of the colony. Your best bet is to figure out what is attracting the bees and get rid of it or call in a professional pest control service.

Whenever you see an ant, you reach for the insecticide spray. In the long term, this isn’t a good solution. The problem is that while insecticide does get rid of the ants temporarily, it also leaves behind a repellant that causes the ants to scatter. They’ll just navigate around this repellent and find a new route to the food or water supply they were journeying toward. Because the ants are scattered, it can make it exceptionally difficult to find their nest or point of entry, which makes it nearly impossible to fully address the problem. So if you see ants in your home, put down the insecticide spray. Your best bet is to call in a professional, such as BrockStar Pest Services.


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