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Spring PROMO!

“The wild flowers are about to start blooming, birds are chirping and color is coming back into Austin. Spring has sprung so that means more sun and more time outside!!! With all of the amazing seasonal changes that we Austinites get to experience, one certain change is not a welcome site, FIRE ANTS!!!!!

The imported Fire Ant has made the south its home since the 1930’s and we have been fighting them ever since. Many products have been tried and all have failed in controlling these pesky and painful little guys… Until now… Top Choice is one of the first products to offer a FULL YEAR of coverage!!

One treatment will keep your lawn, schools and parks free of fire ants for a full year!! Keep your children and pets safe from these aggressive insects this spring and enjoy the beauty that the hill country has to offer! Call today for our special SPRING HAS SPRUNG fire ant treatment!!!”

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