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We are determined to make every client a raving supporter of our services. We understand you have a choice when it comes to pest control, and are committed to having a family of happy clients!


“I hope no one ever has to deal with critters… but if you do, I would highly recommend BrockStar!!”

Carrie S.

“[Brock] went beyond the call of duty and went up on my roof to take care of a huge hornet nest I wasn’t even aware of. Paying by credit card was also super easy, and I received a receipt via text message within seconds of swiping my card. Fast and friendly service, very professional and competitively priced.”

Andrew P.

“A nice, clean cut, professional looking guy. Can’t beat that piece of mind if the girlfriend is home alone. He treated the inside and outside of the place in about 15 mins or so. The price was better than I was quoted at other pest services, so BrockStar got themselves a customer for life. Thanks again! Ya’ll rock!”

Adam J.

“In addition to the wonderful ongoing pest services he provides he was truly amazing in an emergency insect situation. Could not be more pleased with his services!”

Brittany H.

“Brock and his team were a pleasure to work with. His experience was evident in our first conversation. His service was flawless and we feel like we received a great deal. We’re very happy that we chose to work with BrockStar Pest Services! Brock on!

Marlena S.

“Brock came out and spent a great amount of time discussing what the bug could be and offering great recommendations on how we proceed. After treating our home, within a day, the bugs were gone. The customer service, expertise and amazing follow-up by Brock and team was wonderful.”

Beth S.

“As a new home owner, it’s an amazing feeling to know your house (inside and out) is pest free.”

Jennifer Y.

“He learned a lot from his father who is a well-known and respected pest control expert in West Texas. This company will do you a great job!”

David N.

“From being freaked out about the critters I am sure I became a “pest” to Brock with all my calls and requests to spray, “…one more time!” He has proven he can deal with the REAL critters and even the human pests (like me!), all while maintaining a professional attitude and with true southern hospitality! THANK YOU! YOU’RE A TRUE BROCKSTAR!”

Channon R.

“One of the larger pest companies tried and tried, but never corrected it and took days for callbacks. I decided to give [BrockStar] a try and have been extremely happy with the results…my ants are gone!  Brock is very thorough, efficient, responsive and all around great to work with!”

B. T.