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Thermal imaging to help eliminate Austin pests

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Thermal imaging pest control

Thermal imaging pest control – Click to see a full report

How many times have you been jealous of Superman’s x-ray vision!!! All fancy seeing through walls and such… Well NO MORE!!! With the help of thermal imaging BrockStar is able to better treat your home with less product, thus reducing exposure to you and your family! How does this work? Thermal imaging is cutting edge technology that scans an area for heat that is given off by an object or a living being. All objects have a certain temperature and emit waves of energy called infrared radiation. Hot objects emit more energy than cold objects. This is ideal for finding things behind the wall of your home without guessing and costing you thousands in repair work! Armed with the latest technological advancements from Flir, a trusted manufacturer of IR equipment and main supplier of the US military, we are able to detect termites, rodents and large grouping of insects inside your home!!! Out of the way Superman… There is a new star in town. Call today to have your home scanned!!!

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